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We pride ourselves on bringing you some the of best entertainment and events in the East Bay. We book live music that varies as much as our clientele does.

We book everything from local bands to bands from all over the country and the world, playing music as varied as rock, jazz, blues, country, reggae, americana, covers, originals and much much more. Not every band may be for you but there will always be one that you love.

Our events are as varied as our bands. From our daily events to the large parties like our famous St. Patrick’s Day Event, to once-in-a-lifetime special performances, there’s always something happening at The Rellik!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Big Dreamers

From Country to Rock, Ballads to Blues.  The Big Dreamers have come together to bring you great music from all styles.  From Easy Listening to Rockin groves.
Former Toons guitarist and vocalist Gilbert Anthony has been writing up a storm and is bringing his brand of songwriting to the group.
Former Mondellos guitarist and vocalist Dwayne Rosemeyer can belt out a country tune so that you can almost smell the hay.
Joe The Mole Miceli is always at the bottom of it all with his sick wicked bass riffs ripping holes in convention.
Drummer extraordinaire Billy Rivera started playing music with his brothers right out of high school.  Singing and drumming since he was a kid, Billys great multi dimensional talent delight audiences and contribute to our sound in a huge way.
The Big Dreamers is a great group of guys that takes serious fun to a new level.  Their musical versatility is unmatched by most bands performing today.  The Big Dreamers are a sure fire hit. 9pm, no door!